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A Thimble Trail

Hi all,

Lots of places have souvenir thimbles which can be taken home as a small memento of a journey to a far away place, a visit to an historic building, a theme park, or even a popular tourist attraction.  

Most of the souvenir thimbles in my collection have either been given to me by friends and relatives or purchased in charity shops or from ebay.    Rather than being a record of places that I have been they are more of a wish list - a thimble trail of places I would like to visit.

One of my friends brought this back from a recent trip to Scotland.

I picked the next couple up from Ebay.

Both Scotland and the Lake District are places that I haven't been to yet but would like to. That isn't the only thing they have in common.  They are both a bit soggy and grey at the moment so maybe that's a trip I should save for summer months ☺.

In the meantime, here are some thimbles with a nice bit of blue sky and sunshine...

Bye for now

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  1. Muy bonitos todos los dedales

  2. Oh, welcome back. So nice to see you! I hope you'll present more and more thimbles :) Have a nice weekend!

  3. Bardzo ładne naparstki.

  4. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!


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