Monday, 2 May 2011

Windmills and Thimbles

"I saw a Mouse.
There on the stair.
Where on the stair?
Right there!
A little Mouse with cloggs on.
Well I declare!
Going clipp clippity clop on the stair."

The words above are from the song "Windmill in Old Amsterdam" sung by Ronnie Hilton back in the 1960's.  Now, I don't remember him singing it - no, really - I'm not that old!  But, I do remember singing the song in music lessons at school.   

There's something about a traditional style windmill that just conjours up peace, tranquility and a little bit of good old romantic nostalgia of childhood and the lazy, hazy days of summers long gone. 

I found this pewtar windmill on Ebay for 99p.  I seem to be getting a lot of thimbles for 99p just lately!  I thought it was just adorable so had to go for it.  I just love the way the little sails turn round. It's so sweet.

Anyway, like the rest of the pewtar thimbles I have, this one is purely decorative and not really a true thimble as such. It hasn't got any dimbles and although it can be put on a finger or a thumb, the sails going around all the time would make sewing a little tricky.  It's what I like to call thimble-esque.   

Windmills like this one are a bit thin on the ground in the UK now. We have lots of modern ones though...

Ummm.... Yeah... don't think you'll find many mice wearing cloggs in these.  They just don't have the same appeal do they?

Bye for now