Thursday, 10 November 2011

What's in a Name...

Hi There,

According to the back of the thimble these two comic characters are Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Oliver Norvell Hardy.  Better known to millions as Laurel and Hardy or even more simply as Stan and Ollie.

I have some fond childhood memories of watching re-runs of Laurel and Hardy on the TV with my family.  They had an innocent comical magic that could appeal to all ages. Slapstick at its very best. 

Oliver is probably the most famous Ollie that I know of and is one of the reasons why I am called Olly.  When I first started school, my friends caught on to the fact that my proper name, Olwen, is very similar to Oliver.  It didn't take long for everyone to start calling me Olly and it stuck.

Now there are a few things about Stan and Ollie that I didn't know until I bought this thimble.  The first one is that Stan's surname was Jefferson, Laurel was just his stage name. The second is that Oliver was born Norvell Hardy so wasn't really an Ollie at all.  But then what's in a name?  If this comic duo had gone by any other name, they would still have been unique, funny and completely irreplacable... dread to think what my nickname would have ended up being though. 

Bye for now