Friday, 22 July 2011

Madam Butterfly and the Missing Thimbles

We have an exchange student from Japan staying with us at the moment and one of the things that she wanted to see whilst here in Cornwall was the Minack theatre.  It's an open air theatre perched on the side of a cliff just a little way up the coast from Lands End near a little village called Porthcurno.

T, Eldest, Youngest and I have never been to the Minack Theatre so we thought this would be a prime opportunity to put that right.

We went to see Madam Butterfly.
A very sad tale of betrayal and lost love.  Now, the play itself was pretty good.  I couldn't understand all the singing.  It was a bit high pitched and the sound kept dropping out if the actors moved away from centre stage, but that didn't really matter as you can pick up the general idea of what is going on by just watching.

I can't really say that I was impressed by The Minack Theatre though.  There are signs as you enter the Theatre part which say that the site can be a bit dangerous.  If you ever go there - they are not kidding. The walkways are steep.  The terraces that you sit on are narrow.  There is no room for bags and don't take a picnic - you won't have room to eat it.  They pack as many people as possible onto each terrace so that you are literally touching shoulders. If you move your feet too far forward, you run the risk of kicking the person in front of you in the back of the head. Nice.

But it isn't the cramped conditions that have left me feeling betrayed.  It wasn't even the chilly sea breeze or the lump of cold granite we were sitting on. Oh yes - you will need to take your warm winter woolies or better still some arctic proof clothing.  Sorry but, an open air theatre in the UK?  Really?  With our summer weather?

No, my woe and dispair was caused by something far simpler. I always check out the gift shops for thimbles whenever I visit somewhere new.  Well I walked round the gift shop at Minack 3 times and never saw one. Plenty of pens, book marks and sweatshirts but no thimbles.  I think this must be the very first place I have ever visited where I couldn't buy a thimble.  I feel so betrayed.  *sob* *sniff*

Anyway, even though I don't have a Minack Theatre thimble, I do have some butterflies to share with you:

Yep. That did the trick.  I feel so much better now.
Bye for now