Sunday, 28 March 2010

Being Piskie Led

Do you ever get the feeling that someone or something is trying to drive you round the twist?  Have you ever gone to get something and its not in the place where you left it? Or you've gone into a room and forgotten what you went in there for? Have you ever tried to get somewhere and ended up going round in circles? Worse still, have you ever made a nice cup of tea, sat down to drink it and found the teabag still in the cup?

Sounds like a bad case of insanity doesn't it? I'm not so sure. The chances are you are being Piskie led. 

These little guys are Cornish Piskies.  They are full of mischief, love a giggle and delight in sending some unsuspecting human off on a wild goose chase.  

At the moment the pesky little critters have hidden my eldest's artist pencils.  We've turned the place upside down.  We know where they should be - in her room with her sketch pad. We have turned all the boxes that are yet to be unpacked inside out - but nope - no pencils.  We've checked the car, her school bag, under the beds, the wardrobes, the airing cupboard, down the back of the sofa.  We've even tried the washing basket and the fridge.  (Sometimes its best not to ask!)  They have completely vanished.  I have found the camera though, which is good, or at least it will be when I find the card to go in it....

The best way of breaking the Piskie magic is to try looking for something else.  So I'm off to find my car keys and my mobile phone, oh and the remote for the TV.  Its amazing how many things just disappear around here. 

Piskies travel about a fair bit.  This little fellow certainly has! 

So next time you are missing your car keys, your shoes, a pen or your glasses, don't think your losing your marbles - you're most probably being Piskie led. 

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring is Here!

It seems to have taken an age to get here, but finally the first signs of Spring have arrived.  After a fairly wet and windy three days or so, the sun came back out today. It has been absolutely beautiful with only a few fluffy white clouds dotted here and there.

There was even a slight smidgen of warmth in the sun's rays.  It must have raised the temperature to a barmy 10 degrees centigrade at least.  Lovely.  So nice in fact that we all went down to the local beach and sat outside a beach cafe - yes I said sat outside - drinking tea.  Well, I was drinking tea, the girls had cokes and T had a coffee. In fact, it only really started clouding over with our usual chilly covering of rain clouds by around 4pm. 

Its not just me that has noticed a slight improvement in the British weather. The daffodils have been popping up in sporadic locations at the roadsides for just under a week now but all of a sudden, they have literally sprung up all over the place.  And a lovely, fresh, springy look its given the grey soggy wetness that is Cornwall at the moment.

Anyway, to pass on the really great spring-like feeling that I have, here are some flowers

Oh, and a Rabbit.   Nothing says Spring better than a bouncy bunny. 

Happy Springyness to all.
 Bye for now.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Thimbles & Rambles

It seems ages since I added a new post.  I have a good reason - I've just moved house and had to wait for the broadband to get reconnected.  It's been a complete nightmare.  All my worldly goods are packed up in boxes and I cant remember which box.  Worse still, I dont even know where half the boxes are.  Some came here, some went to a friends. Most went to storage including the one with my thimble collection in it. Still, I did manage to add to the collection whilst visiting the local indoor market so maybe moving isnt so bad after all.  I got Miss Piggy, Goofy and Thomas the Tank Engine. They are all sitting on a corner shelf now so I dont feel quite so bad about not having the rest of the thimbles here.  I would have posted a picture but the camera is in a box......

So I thought I'd share some pictures which are vaguely connected to Miss Piggy, Goofy and Thomas. 

A Blue train.  It's nothing like Thomas but it's still an impressive train. Its the Mallard, designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.  It set the world speed record for steam locomotives back in July 1938 with a speed of 125mph.

A porcelain piggy to represent Miss Piggy.

Noddy.  A fictional character who is always getting into trouble, a bit like Goofy.  Well, I did say the links were a bit vague.

Anyway, have you ever wondered why they are called thimbles? No? Originally, way back when they first came into use, thimbles were designed to be worn on the thumb. They have always had a slightly bell like shape so were called thumb-bells. Over time this has become thimble.

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Bye for now.