Sunday, 7 March 2010

Thimbles & Rambles

It seems ages since I added a new post.  I have a good reason - I've just moved house and had to wait for the broadband to get reconnected.  It's been a complete nightmare.  All my worldly goods are packed up in boxes and I cant remember which box.  Worse still, I dont even know where half the boxes are.  Some came here, some went to a friends. Most went to storage including the one with my thimble collection in it. Still, I did manage to add to the collection whilst visiting the local indoor market so maybe moving isnt so bad after all.  I got Miss Piggy, Goofy and Thomas the Tank Engine. They are all sitting on a corner shelf now so I dont feel quite so bad about not having the rest of the thimbles here.  I would have posted a picture but the camera is in a box......

So I thought I'd share some pictures which are vaguely connected to Miss Piggy, Goofy and Thomas. 

A Blue train.  It's nothing like Thomas but it's still an impressive train. Its the Mallard, designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.  It set the world speed record for steam locomotives back in July 1938 with a speed of 125mph.

A porcelain piggy to represent Miss Piggy.

Noddy.  A fictional character who is always getting into trouble, a bit like Goofy.  Well, I did say the links were a bit vague.

Anyway, have you ever wondered why they are called thimbles? No? Originally, way back when they first came into use, thimbles were designed to be worn on the thumb. They have always had a slightly bell like shape so were called thumb-bells. Over time this has become thimble.

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