Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hi there,

I'm finally starting to get settled again after moving for the second time in 6 months! 

I've picked up a few thimbles over the last few weeks, all of which went straight into a box and I've only just had the chance to take a good look at them and to take photos of them.

This first one is a Morris Minor, also known as a "Moggie".

The Moggie was designed by Alex Issigonis and went on sale for the first time back in 1948.  Alex Issigonis also developed my favourite car, the Mini in 1959.

I'm not sure why the Morris Minor got the nickname of moggie but it was so popular that in 1961 it became the first British car to reach 1,000,000.  This milestone was celebrated by the production of a limited number of Lilac moggies. What a cool colour for a car. I think that's really sweet.

Sticking with the Moggies theme, this thimble is also really sweet.

As long as you are not the little chick...

Bye for now