Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

I really can't believe how fast this year has gone.  It just seems like yesterday that I was stood in the porch at our last home, taking this picture for one of my earlier blogs back in 2009. 

These little guys were part of our decorations year on year but I haven't been able to put them out this Christmas.  I couldn't find them.  I know roughly where they are - they are in a box.  It's the location of the box that's the puzzle. That's the trouble with moving house, things don't tend to stay where you saw them last.  I know they will turn up - eventually. 

2010 has turned into a year that none of us here at chateau Simply will forget in a hurry. It's left a large and sometimes painful dint in all of us.  But, we are all still together and we are going to get through this bad patch. We have each other and that's what matters.  There are people out there suffering pain and loss to such an extent that what we have been through is insignificant.  My heart goes out to them, especially today.   

I'd like to raise a glass to wish peace, happiness and goodwill to all.  Here's to a happier and prosperous 2011.  The year when some, if not all of our hopes and dreams can come true.

Bye for now


Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Cute Surprise

One of the main drawbacks with internet shopping is that you can't always tell what you are going to get.  All you have to go on is a picture and a brief description.  Now I love the internet.  To me shopping has never been easier.  My Christmas shopping is nearly all done and I haven't had to stand in a queue once! It's great! You don't get soaked when it rains or slip over on icy footpaths.

My thimble collection owes its size to the internet.  There's no way I could have got anywhere near the 300 plus that I have without the internet but even I know that, sometimes, you don't always get what you expected.

Take these little penquins for instance.

Cute aren't they?  Really sweet. The description read large penguins.  I assumed that it meant a thimble with a large picture of penguins so into my checkout basket it went.

As always when I get a new thimble through the post, I'm filled with excited glee.  When I opened this one I was also totally gobsmacked...

It's not large - It's huge! I've photographed it with Goofy so that you can see the size difference. Goofy is the standard size.  I wasn't expecting that. They are adorable though aren't they?

Bye for now