Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Cute Surprise

One of the main drawbacks with internet shopping is that you can't always tell what you are going to get.  All you have to go on is a picture and a brief description.  Now I love the internet.  To me shopping has never been easier.  My Christmas shopping is nearly all done and I haven't had to stand in a queue once! It's great! You don't get soaked when it rains or slip over on icy footpaths.

My thimble collection owes its size to the internet.  There's no way I could have got anywhere near the 300 plus that I have without the internet but even I know that, sometimes, you don't always get what you expected.

Take these little penquins for instance.

Cute aren't they?  Really sweet. The description read large penguins.  I assumed that it meant a thimble with a large picture of penguins so into my checkout basket it went.

As always when I get a new thimble through the post, I'm filled with excited glee.  When I opened this one I was also totally gobsmacked...

It's not large - It's huge! I've photographed it with Goofy so that you can see the size difference. Goofy is the standard size.  I wasn't expecting that. They are adorable though aren't they?

Bye for now


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