Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring is Here!

It seems to have taken an age to get here, but finally the first signs of Spring have arrived.  After a fairly wet and windy three days or so, the sun came back out today. It has been absolutely beautiful with only a few fluffy white clouds dotted here and there.

There was even a slight smidgen of warmth in the sun's rays.  It must have raised the temperature to a barmy 10 degrees centigrade at least.  Lovely.  So nice in fact that we all went down to the local beach and sat outside a beach cafe - yes I said sat outside - drinking tea.  Well, I was drinking tea, the girls had cokes and T had a coffee. In fact, it only really started clouding over with our usual chilly covering of rain clouds by around 4pm. 

Its not just me that has noticed a slight improvement in the British weather. The daffodils have been popping up in sporadic locations at the roadsides for just under a week now but all of a sudden, they have literally sprung up all over the place.  And a lovely, fresh, springy look its given the grey soggy wetness that is Cornwall at the moment.

Anyway, to pass on the really great spring-like feeling that I have, here are some flowers

Oh, and a Rabbit.   Nothing says Spring better than a bouncy bunny. 

Happy Springyness to all.
 Bye for now.

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