Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Thimbles are there more?

The little bear was closely followed by the Homepride Fred set. Not quite as much of a bargain but just as welcome all the same. From that point on my collection has grown bit by bit over the years and includes thimbles made from bone china, metal, silver and plastic. As with all collections, I have noticed that there is an underlying theme. I tend to go for the cartoon and film character thimbles like Mickey Mouse, the Wizard of OZ, Scooby Doo, Bob the Builder and Topcat rather than the floral or place linked thimbles. That's not to say I don't buy the more traditional designs - I do - but not so often.
My most recent purchase is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. My most expensive character thimble would be the Teletubbies. At £5.50 that was the most expensive china thimble bought to date. I have to admit that it’s probably the one that I am most disappointed with as Dipsy’s face (the green one) is badly blemished. Still, that’s the danger of an online auction – it’s too easy to get caught up in bidding fever. On the bright side, the little bunny on the back is pretty cute.

Do I have a thimble which I would love to add to the collection? Yes, I’d have to say I would love a Fimble Thimble.

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