Friday, 25 June 2010

News of a Thimble Giveaway from Siv Hege near Oslo

Hi all

I came across Siv Hege's blog on the internet today while looking for blogs related to thimbles.  She visited Bjorneparken (The Bear Park) this week and picked up a couple of thimbles as souvenirs.  She is offering the thimbles in a mini-giveaway.

Check out her blog for more details on how to take part in the giveaway and also to find out about The Bear Park.  Sounds like she had a great time!

Bye for now



  1. I stopped by your blog today. I used to live in Cornwall many years ago.
    Cozy In Texas

  2. Hi Ann

    Thanks for dropping by. I hope you liked what you saw and that you will stop by again. How's life in Texas?