Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cross Cutting Themes

As well as collecting thimbles, I also have a soft spot for teddy bears.  I have quite a few thimbles with teddies on from my very first thimble:

To a few of his friends:

I also like to dabble with stitching. Cross stitch mainly with a little bit of quilting and more recently, I’ve even tried a bit of knitting.

So you can imagine my delight when not one but two opportunities to overlap collecting thimbles with stitching came along.

The first -

A cross stitch teapot thimble which cuts across three of my all time favourite things.

1. It’s a thimble. 2. It’s a picture of cross stitch. 3. It’s a teapot. Did I mention that I also have a soft spot for teapots? I have 8 all together so not quite as obsessive as thimbles – yet. ☺

The second -

This Japanese Thimble from Chloe Patricia’s site Ma Mercerie. A thimble that you can stitch yourself. How cool is that?

This one is the beginner’s level and is my first attempt and is only half finished.

The stitching isn’t as neat or as close together as I would have liked. It’s a wee bit small for my eyesight and I don’t have a decent magnifying glass. If you’re reading T, Christmas present idea – one with a built in light please. Wink.

Bye for now


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