Saturday, 7 June 2014


Hi all

Have you ever noticed how much stuff accumulates on your desktop?

With apologies in advance to all IT technicians out there, I have to admit, leaving stuff on my desktop is one of my quirks. I tend to save stuff that I am working on to my desktop so I don't have to open long winded file paths searching for it. It's so much quicker that way. Well, it is for me. Not so for my poor old laptop.

You see for every file or photo that sits on your desktop, your computer has to load the whole document or picture every time you switch it on. It becomes part of the boot-up process and can add seconds, or even minutes to the time it takes your computer to get to working speed. NB - probably better to use shortcuts than save whole documents or photos to your desktop. Your machine will thank you for it. ;)

Now, I always intend to move stuff off the desktop and into my folders but, as with all good intentions, I don't seem to get around to it. Not until my laptop starts running at the speed of a snail anyway.

In a recent tidy up I found lots of photos that I had saved for sorting; some half finished blog posts that I was working on; some cake recipes; a few sewing projects and a whole pile of research material on bats. With that eclectic mix it's no wonder my laptop is always struggling.

It's a bit weird I know, but I can hear Fred yelling "Wilma!" every time an IT techy tells me off for overloading my desktop.

I won't be overloading this desktop. The little legs look a little rickety.

Maybe these guys could help me prop it up? Lol!

Bye for now


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